Registration of Kokanies in Qatar

Let’s Unite

Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan-Qatar (HAKQ) has taken up an initiative to
register all Kokanis from Kokan region of Maharashtra residing in Qatar. People
would tend to ask what benefits do we get by registering.

Why should we register?

1- Unity.  To gather/unite all Kokanis in one place/platform.
Allah (Subhanallahu Taala) hand is on Jamaat and let us be one
big Jamaat to have blessings of Allah (Subhanallahu Taala).

2- In case of any deaths/unforeseen circumstances,
we can inform/be of assistance.

3- If there is any job opportunities we
can inform/be of assistance.

4- In case of any community/social events,
important announcements, we can inform.

5- For any coordination with other Kokani
Committees in GCC we will be of help,

In Sha Allah


  1. Registration doesn’t mean you have to
    take membership of HAKQ.
  2. For membership contact any of our
    office bearers.
  3. Please forward this announcement to
    other Kokanis (person or group) or help us by informing them the benefits of joining.
  4. For any further details you can email
    us on

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