About HAKQ

“HAKQ – A Committee Established for Social Reforms, Promoting Education, Charity, Mutual Cooperation & Providing Assistance to the natives of the KOKAN region (i.e. RAIGADH, RATNAGIRI & SINDHUDURG districts) back home and stationed in Qatar”.

 Halqa-e-Ahbabe-Kokan Qatar (HAKQ), a non profitable organization was established on 30th August 2007 in Doha, with Mr. Fakir Ahmed Kaldaney as the president and in presence of respected Maulana Saeed Ubharay & Mr. Hassan Chougule. The formation was officially announced in a meeting held at Doha Grand Hotel.

In this program, invitation was sent to Kokani people to represent their area and Districts.  It was emphasized that people belonging to Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts and are employed in Qatar should participate in this chain of co-operation for one united charity and betterment purpose of our community and society as a whole.

Later on after consultation, it was decided to have a permanent membership drive.  By the grace of Almighty Allah, within a short span of time we succeeded tremendously and a large number of our community individuals came forward willingly and voluntarily, to form HAKQ, agreeing to help and co-operate with the vision to succeed.

Alhamdulilah, over the past 3½ years from the inception of HAKQ, we have arranged. “The Annual Organization Meet” & “Iftaar Meet” with great success trying to reach as many Kokani brothers as possible.  We are proud to announce that among the dignitaries invited, we had the honour of being blessed to have the presence of respected Mufti Rafique Purkar Madani every year for our Annual Meet.  Some of the other guest invited during these meets over the years include; Maulana Amanullah Burud (CAO of Jamiaa Husainiya, Shrivardhan), Maulana Dawood Kudey (CAO of Darululoom Faizul Quaran, Kalusta), Shaikhul Hadees Ibrahim Khateeb and Janab Mohiyudeen  Khateeb.

We are thankful to all our Kokani friends & brothers who have encouraged and appreciated our humble services and showed their support and confidence in us at all times. With this support and encouragement we are trying hard to extend our work and reach to our other Kokani brothers within the possible limits for the noble cause to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt).