The Street Smart Da’ees: Spot them and Borrow from them !

Years back noted columnist Tavleen Singh wrote in The Indian Express.. 

Why it’s Islam vs rest of the world?  (

It was a very disturbing  editorial and I could not sleep. I drafted and drafted but some how I could not get the punch line to hit back… Many a times you fail to realise that the questions themselves are just need to fix them. It was then that I realised the need of writing punch packed answers to refute ..I know that editors dont look for long academic letters but short and punched ones.   Believe me, these knock out punch lines  are easily available around us. I keep my ears open to receive them. I picked up some smart punch lines  from the street smart Da’ees.. Here I am sharing them with you :

Why it’s Islam vs rest of the world? 

Your question is wrong ! The world has 52 + Muslim nations and they don’t hate Islam! The millions of Africans have other things to hate e.g. hunger, poverty… Highely populated natins like India and China have never made  any statement of hating Islam, nor any other goverments of the world has said that they hate Islam.. Yes  some people hate Islam.. the rapist, for example, because Islam awards them death punishment.. and so do  robbers who don’t want to have cut off hands…. Do you hate Islam personaly ?

Why do your females wear hijab ?

Then what else should she wear? If she wears a traditional Indian  salwar kameez, the girls in jeans would say” why are you wearing salwar kameez?”… if she wears Jeans-T shirt, the girls in skirt would question ” why do u wear  jeans?”.. If she wears a skirt the girls in bikini would say.. “why are you wearing a skirt?”………

Why are you Muslims Terrorists?

Are you afraid of me ? Did I terrorise you ? NO! Then I am not a terrorist! Are you afraid of every Muslim you meet on the way ? No ! Then every Muslim is not a terrorist. The Muslims population in India is around 18 crores.. you mean to say that  India has 18 crores of terrorists! Multiple times more than Indian army !

Why do you have a beard ? You look like a terrorist!

Even the Indian Prime minister ManMohan Singh has a beard ! Hitler did not have a beard  but George Bernad Shaw had a beard ! George Bush did not have a beard but Abraham Lincoln had a beard ! Do Lincoln looks like a terrorist because of his beard? will you call Hitler a good man because he does not have a beard ?…

Why can’t the arabs tolerate a tiny state of Israel? cant they accomodate it?

Why can’t your eyes tolerate even a small dust particle and shed tears to throw it out? Can’t your eyes accomodate a tiny dust particle? Why do your body cry out in pain if a tiny thorn pierces your body? Can’t your body tolerate a micro sized thorn? Ah! You know your body ajdusts with the food and drink that entersyour body because they dont ccause you  harm but that dust particle and that thorn give you pain and not benefit so the body throws them out..

These are few street smarts answers….you may find some of them useful in your daily Dawah…. Add more to it if you are a street smart Da’ee your self…

Author: Nisaar Nadiadwala speaks and writes on socio-educational topics from Islamic view point….He can be reached at