Message from HAKQ President


It’s a matter of great honour & privilege for me to be associated with HAKQ and benamed as one its servants, seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt).

According to the need of the hour the people from the land of Kokan have sacrificed with wisdom in different ways. Looking at the sacred services given by them I feel proud to be of them.

There is no doubt , we found many individuals have joined in many folds due to the sincere efforts, tremendous hard work & dedication of the individuals of HAKQ.

The unity of Kokani people is a guarantee of providing necessary help to the needs of our community. This time to extend the support to each and every nook and corner of our region, the Halqa is trying to set our goal further, trying to aim higher.

To help & assist more and more needy individuals of our Kokan community, this time HAKQ have made a valiant effort to invite representatives of various Kokani Committees operating in GCC countries; to join us during our upcoming Annual Meet and explore the possibilities to work hand-in-hand for the noble cause.

I pray to Allah (subhanahu wa tala) to shower his abundant blessings on this committee and all its members and wish them all the very best to flourish day and night, Inn-sha-Allah, Aameen.

Tu Shaheen hai, Parvaz hai kaam tera

Tere samney aasman aur bhi hain

Fakir Ahmed Kaldane