Message from our Guardian


The neighboring region on the western coast of the Arabian Ocean is known as “Kokan”, which is famous for its beauty, greenery and pleasant plateaus. This region is also the centre place for modern & religious educational institutes; an attractive place for Historical Monuments, Masjid’s and the native place of the king of “The Alphonso Mango” which is famous throughout the world. The Kokan region is stretched from Mumbai to Goa comprising of four districts.

In 2006 our honourable leaders, Maulana Saeed Ubharay, Maulana Siraj Ahmed Geetay and Maulana Nasrullah Undre started a movement by forming a team to provide necessary help to the “Jamia Hussainia” (a famous centre for the religious teachings in the Kokan region), with a noble and sincere goal. Gradually people started to join them and today the movement has taken a shape of an active organization namely; Halqa-e-Ahbabe-Kokan, Qatar.

“Those who are willing to work hard;

they do it even for hundreds times.

But one who keeps on building the castle’s in the air;

he does it so without any base”.

 Referring back to history; we come to know the facts that; people having two qualities have always succeeded i.e. “Knowledge & Unity”. This is certainly a boon which could bring a revolution. We have seen many evidences of this aptitude in the recent past. The holy book “Quran” has proclaimed the message of Allah’s first revelation; which had established its foundation, by commanding to “Read”. This proves that knowledge is a part of human nature and humans cannot run away from nature. I thank Allah that the pious intention in forming HAKQ is to promote knowledge & unity.

It is important to mention two main things; the first being, that the work started to co-operate with Jamia Hussainia – Raigad District which was Alhamdulillah stretched to all parts of Kokan region and has now become the centre of unity. The other fact in the present materialistic world it is very difficult to join the youth with any organization. But it is surprising to see that in HAKQ about 75% of its members are youth and perhaps this is the reason of its success which has made it a part of History.

May Almighty Allah (subhanahu wa tala) bestow upon us his guidance & give us the ability to continue with this noble cause to take it further; not only in the other GCC countries, but all over the world to be a leader of the same, which will enlighten the whole region of Kokan with the most modern & religious knowledge.

 “Those who have faith in almighty Allah & strong plans;

are never afraid of any storms”.

Sincerely grateful

Hasan Chougle