Message from Advisor


As a humble servant of Allah (subhanahu wa tala), I always felt that, my rab has blessed me immensely with far more than my abilities and there has been a flame burning deep within me to do something for the benefit of our community, to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah (subhanahu wa tala).

Deep inside the hidden corner of my heart, there has always been a burning desire to do something for my community. I always prayed, Ya Rab, in this short spanned life, give me some moments to serve my people, in order to please You. This will give me an excuse to face my Lord on the day of resurrection to ask Him for forgiveness.

Lot of opportunities came on the way during this long stay in Qatar, but to be a part of HAKQ is totally different and outclasses everything. When I see the sincere, humble & noble efforts of this young team of individuals from our own community working under this banner “Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan, Qatar”, it makes me feel extremely proud.

Tu hi nadaan, chand kalyoon par qana’at kar gaya

Warna ghulshan mein ilajeey tangy-e-dama bhi tha

May Allah guard my people from the evil eyes of the wicked.

I pray to Allah “to shower his abundant blessings on this community and on all the members attached to it”, Aameen.

Maulana Saeed Hasan Ubharay